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By theeviloutsideyourwindow, Mar 24 2015 05:43PM

Michael Rawlings debut album 'Hidden Island' to be released worldwide by Joe Wheeler. CD will be available in 15,000 stores in 4 weeks time but you can order your copy now and recieve it before its available in the high street stores.

The album is packed full of relaxing melodies, chilled out beats which are cool for some of those future lazy summer days on the horizon.

*Please note CD's ship from Nevada so please allow time for delivery*


1. Echoes 2.Crimson Sunset 3. Nightfall 4. Hidden Island (Original Mix) 5. Woodwinds of Dawn 6. Indian Ocean 7. Hidden Island (Mood Swings) 8. Beneath the water (Underneath the Radar) 9. Tai Chi on the Beach at Sunrise.

To purchase the album click here.

There will be a music video from one of the album tracks launching live on Vevo and Muzu TV end of April.

By theeviloutsideyourwindow, Mar 21 2015 05:44PM

The Curse of Jengo

The prequel to the award winning grindhouse film 'Jengo Hooper' will be released late 2015 to VOD & DVD. The film takes place just before the events of the Jengo Hooper movie. The Curse of Jengo

film will be a strange psychotic, satanic haunting movie. With the lead character becoming possessed and becoming an insane murderous cannibal.

The artwork for the film is attached below but is subject to change and also needs the film rating and dvd logo added.

For more info go and like the Official Facebook page for the film: The Curse of Jengo.

By theeviloutsideyourwindow, Mar 20 2015 09:06PM

Things have been busy. This website will get more updates next week with the music section of the site launching and more info on all the film projects going on now and in the future.

We are pleased to say that the new film festival 'The London Digital Film Festival' will be opening up for submissions this coming weekend. The festival is an online festival but its more then just a festival, its a promo tool and distribution service for all Indie film makers of all genres. Once the festival has chosen its first batch of 'OFFICIAL SELECTION' works then a new page will launch on the website featuring all of the official selection trailers and a ton of new features to help promote all of them. Visit the site here:

In the world of Jengo Hooper now, we have a whole new range of Jengo related merchandise to launch. This week saw the launch of a special Jengo Hooper the Butcher Canvas print which is available now in the facebook store (click here).

Also a new coffee/tea mug launched that features a strange image of Jengo and Disciple John on the front. This mug is available in the 'Shop' page on this website. The rest of our merchandise will be launching over the coming few weeks.

Still a lot more going on behind the scenes including work on the planning of Jengo Hooper Returns so keep checking back for more news :)

By theeviloutsideyourwindow, Mar 3 2015 03:46PM

I am pleased to announce that the OFFICIAL soundtrack to the

award winning grindhouse film JENGO HOOPER will be getting

a limited CD pressing tomorrow afternoon with half of the stock going

to Alliance Entertainment and the remainder being sold through our own


Once the discs sell no more will be made. We are just doing a limited

pressing because of licensing rules and regulations. The soundtrack will NOT

be available as a digital release.


Once we sell out of CD's no more will be pressed.

Preorder your copy today. Discs will ship from 4th March 2015.

The CD's will be available from this website for £7.99 or you can order the CD and the movie on DVD

for £14.99.

Click here to PREORDER.

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